by Dead Ranch

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released April 14, 2017

Written and performed by Dead Ranch
Recorded and mixed by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Stu McKillop
Guest vocals on False Negative by Jesse Matthewson



all rights reserved


Dead Ranch Winnipeg, Manitoba

Chad Alsop-Guitar/Vocals

Andre Cornejo-Guitar/Vocals

Ryley Devine-Drums

Alana Mercer-

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Track Name: An Awkward Moan
There is no measure for what we’ve destroyed.
Is it the high that you wanted?
Was it worth the burn?

Been searching for answers in language lost.
Just once more, then we stop.
Was the high worth the burn?

These words have been counted, often killed by truths.
Just once more, we need it.
A light, an answer, an end.


Track Name: Blood Staff
It’s been like this for weeks
In an attempt to close my big mouth I keep grinding my teeth
The tension ain’t so bad
It’s the time we spend apart that reminds us of what we had

I can’t seem to find a patch of common ground

This used to be so sweet
But it’s getting hard to find where we used to meet
The grey hairs ain’t so bad
But I’m letting go of all the pride I had

I can’t seem to find a patch of common ground

Bloodstaff proves the bond

Love, sweat, fear
Fear, sweat, blood
Track Name: Tarred and Feathered
Pitch black tar
White feathers
Victimized by cleansing hand
Weeded out

Hold me down
Closed in crowd
This iron will, will dissolve
Break the man

Draw a blank
Why you hate
I’ve seen it all from dying eyes
Make your point

Joyful song
While I cry
You held me down from your throne
Foot on my neck

Hot black glue
Skin peeling
I’ve lived it all and should have died
You’ve made your point
Track Name: Garrulous
Go fucking figure
One more night runs too long
Where have you been
Why are your eyes so wide
Talking my ears off
Not a single thing said
What’s that dripping out of the holes


When will this end
Torture just sitting here
Pack of vultures
Crowding over their meal
You look so cool
Puke on your bottom lip
What’s that running out of the holes


I don’t have the time or the patience
Dissolve all ties or I will
Track Name: False Negative
Empty threats never built walls for safety or rational happenings

Turned to panic
To full-fledged fear

Lay right back and laugh at the humour

In words
To make light of pain

Push it out, give it up. It’s never worth another shot

This process always seemed so very planned

Most problems
Creating my illness

This process always seemed so very bland

Certain things
Are and were
Never wanted
But taken
Once is enough
This simply is too much
I think I’m fine
But clearly I’m lying to myself
Sweat has gone cold
Felt in weakened bones
But still I’m grasping for some sense of relief
The joke has grown old
I can’t believe this shit anymore
Resigning from this control
Track Name: The Skinning
Dead weight
Undeniable dead weight
Bearing down on the tails
Of the coats that we share
Who is the fool anymore?
Where has the celebration gone?

On our back
Sing and scream the brunt
Of the words listened
What have we done?
When can it stop?

Dead weight
Inexplicable dead weight
Burdening the shoulders
So heavy, so sore
How could we care less?
How could we care less?

Trial. Tried Hard.
It failed to move.
On this until it rots.

We wait
We’re tired but wait
I’ll scream and shout
‘til I’m listened
How could we care less?
Track Name: Maple Ape
Lack of feeling
Can’t find meaning
Milk this saved face

Hollow being
Backward reasoning
Milk this saved face

Such a grip, such a grip
Muscle contracting
Veins exposing
Face red, and read

Gasp for air, gasp for air
Eyes are rolling
Windpipe closing
Lips blue, and I’m blue

The last beat, the last beat
Blood is not flowing
And the worst thing
A calm sea, I wont see

Such a grip, such a grip
And I’m falling
Not breathing
I’ve been read, and read

I wish I never knew